art and illustrations by T.Dave Vincent


Precipice of a Dream



Three Days Ride should get us far enough south before the rains

The rumble of the road under the front wheel keeping score

It's a beautiful feeling that thunders and roars

My heart pounding to see the forests of Oregon

Breaking sun reaching out to greet us
Seaside and Cannon Beach where sea pounds the shore
Where yesterday is no more

And cedars shake from sea swept winds

Like these handle bars I hold and the old man I have become

Our hearts are true to this great big dream
The promise we have been given
Then morning air full of coffee bean and bacon
Isn't it a kicker you know that plants the seed to sow
Once more air is filled with thunder
Once more your arms about my waist
Once more I am reminded

Remember the stand and
With a few last sparks through the air
Bed-rolls and books we smoke on out of there
You and me and once more a day to ride


I dream of you

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