The Art of Dave McInnis Vincent


1946/47 Indian/Jawa Motorcycle Rust Art Installation Project 2019

Dave McInnis Vincent is a Motorcycle Artist who currently lives on Vancouver Island, BC. Dave has been creating motorcycle related art since 1985. Beginning his career as an airbrush artist in a very competitive motorcycle industry, he worked commercially for various motorcycle dealerships and independant motorcycle shops that included companies such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson. Dave McInnis Vincent graduated from International Correspondence Schools of Montreal Quebec with a Motorcycle Repair Diploma in 1986. Dave went on to study at N.A.I.T Fairview College, Northern Campus and graduated with certification in 1989 as a motorcycle technician. He went on to develop his fine art portfolio while apprenticing as a welder and mechanic, building motorcycles and fire engines. He worked his way across Alberta and British Columbia, Canada until he ran out of road in Vancouver where his growing portfolio gained him entrance into Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. There he studied a variety of disciplines, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in 2002.


Dave McInnis Vincent currently resides and works independantly within his home studio/shop near the West Coast, BC, Canada.  His work is a constant examination of his technical and artistic skills, through which he recognizes the balance between the struggling with mistakes and building on those mistakes to eventually move forward in developing his abilities and realizing his journey to the final product...


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