art and illustrations by T.Dave Vincent

Artist Statement

My work reflects a continued interest in natural processes, changes, and cycles around me.

For me this coastal home where I live contains complex and often technical tensions or balances between opposing forces. I explore the relationships between objects and forces, and the path of those relationships through time.


I have also an interest in the more technical or formal arrangements in relationships between natural and digital occurrences, my implied mathematical interpretation in opposition to the binary elements of the computer.  The occurrence of cycles and repeat cycles underlie many life processes.  The linear elements of shore line, horizon line, the communities, and the Pacific Coast, all of which intersect near where I live, form fringes between land and water, concrete and sky.  It is at these margins where changes occur, where special conditions happen. Also at these spaces the actions of people accumulate, the signs of preservation or ruin occur; the interceding movement of humanity clashes wth the forces around me.


I use many mediums and processes including technical processes such as welding and mechanical skills, blacksmithing, photography, and traditional artists mediums.  The cycles of everyday life provde  me with inspiration, much of my material resource, and subject matter.  At times the materials are recycled into mixed media assemblages, or are used indirectly as subjects for drawings.  Sometimes the "materials" are too expansive in breadth to use in a direct way - light, water, wind but lend them-selves uniquely within my projects.

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