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“Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped into the next room..whatever we were to each other that we still are.”

― Henry Scott Holland

1946/47 Indian/Jawa CZ 125cc Import Rust Art Project 2019


  Some fellow in Cloverdale, BC pulled this beautiful old Jawa, Indian Motorcycle Co. import from his raseberry patch and sold it to me at a swap meet a few years back. Once I had closed down and sold my studio in Maple Ridge, BC and moved to my new digs out on the Edge of the Earth near Port Alberni, BC I had a chance to give this little motorcycle back a little of its dignity in my new shop and set it up for a curious life in front of my island studio. 


  The raseberry patch may have been a sure death for this little bike from a singular point of view.  I saw the developing rust as a natural gift, an organic paint if you will.  I dressed the machine with my personal touches and placed it in a permanent spot where I could give nature a way to paint it in an enviromentally friendly way.  Leaving the original story of the life of this motorcycles journey intact, I added my interaction, our chapter together, to its already lengthy potboiler adventure.







Dave McInnis Vincent

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