VOS Racing


May 2nd 2015 Weekend

Ashcroft’s  Eagle Motorplex

It was definitely an interesting weekend…
I’ll email you a bunch of stuff, but the footnotes are; really late getting there Friday night, really hungover Saturday morning, they started at 2pm with only the right lane, bike was bogging really bad and launch limiter was not coming off, we start Sunday morning with both lanes, but only 1/8th mile, going to run a double header race all in one day, figured out the launch limiter and closing in on the clutch adjustment, first race, I hook up good and go waaaayyy too fast. Out first round. We wait for that whole race to finish, and start all over again, second first round I need more clutch, but the guy red lights, second round bike bogs and the guy red lights, third round and the final, bike bogs again and I get beat by  .023 seconds. We finally roll back into home at 10:30pm. So, for the first race with a whole new system, I think I did pretty good.



Mission Raceway
June/July 2015

Dave – So, Thinking about a webpage is likely the furthest thing from your mind. Flying all over like you must. I am going to hang on to your VosRacing URL. In time if you find that you need it. You know where it is. Take it easy guy.

Kelly – Hey brother. Busy is a tremendous understatement. Lol. This heat is killing us too. Any time we can, we try to get out on the boat to cool down. The bike has almost taken the back seat this year again. However, I think I’m on track with it. The fastest we’ve been is 9.34, but that was without using 6th gear. My gearing was too high. Went down 2 teeth on the front sprocket, which means 4-5 up on the rear. I should be more in the ball park now. I plugged the nitrous nozzles which were more than likely giving me a big vacuum leak. I changed fuels to a lower octane AVGAS. 100 instead of 108. Big race this weekend. I’ll let you know the outcome. This new program I’m going with is a very tedious process. We should be on the right track. Hold onto the url. I’ll take it over this fall when I have a bit of time to play with computers. Thanks dude. You’ve been awesome…

Dave – OK…I will pop this stuff up, cool…. I am assuming this is Mission.

Kelly – Yup. No more Ashcroft. Costs me too much to do that. Pretty much have to take all Friday off to get there. Sunday night get back really late and work sucks when I get up at 4:30 AM.

Dave – I know other guys that would agree with the added time and money associated with the trip to Ashcroft..

Kelly – Developed an engine knock. Nothing obvious with the head off. Might be a wrist pin.

Dave – Well damn…..ain’t that the way.

Mission Raceway
July 4-5 2015

Well, the king of breaking shit is back…
Over the weekend I spun a rod bearing on the dragbike. Now the hard choice.. try to fix what I have, or spend the huge bucks on Carrillo rods…